Overall feeling.
Ive been a HD customer for just over 20 years now. And I cant say Ive always had a great experience. I wasnt and in some cases still arent the target market Now at 46 I look and noticed the change and growth of HD from mom and pop shops to boutique show rooms of over priced random fashion accessories. Yet even a 46 Im still not the target market. Im Gen X, we get left behind in the grand scheme of HD. You had us for a hot minute with the Dark Serious of bikes and products, but that was short lived. But I digress. Southern Devil & Hellbender do a decent job at holding my attention. Yet its brief and unremarkable. I kinda miss the days of Earl Smalls, but that was a different era. As to your modern stores, both lack that grab an pull you in factor. As for one aspect of a music generation, its WAY to quiet in there! I feel like I just walked into a store that all just went to lunch. No feeling of this is my clubhouse a destination I feel comfortable to hang out in. Not just hit the parts counter and promptly leave, because I know theres nothing else to hold my attention long enough to care to. Yes I might wander an day dream over the bikes. An again the void of movement, action isnt there. Some music, a tv running content Id care about to stop and look. Not some random boring product brake down by a monotone halfwit Either way, I come by for a few things from time to time, even a lot party if theres a draw besides bedazzled bandannas and another cover band playing Freebird. Catch you next visit.whenever. Jay
Jay Teverzczuk
Hey Jay, thank you for bringing this to our attention! We will look into this. 

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